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VEKAdeck™ is a revolutionary new vinyl deck board built
to maintain is color and integrity season after season.


Features and Benefits:
  • Color Fast (Will Not Discolor)
  • Insect Resistant 100% PVC Blend is impervious to insects.
  • Splinter-Free PVC Compound will not splinter, flake or peel.
  • Dimensionally Stable Patented formulation expands and contracts less than 0.05% allows for end to end butt joints.
  • Slip Resistant Surface Attractive embossed wood grain anti-skid surface is slip resistant when wet or dry. Never Hot, Always comfortable to touch.
  • Fire Resistant VEKAdeck™ self extinguishes in the event of fire.
  • Water Resistant VEKAdeck™ will not absorb moisture making it ideal for high humidity and marine environments.
  • Maintenance-Free Never needs painting or sealing
  • Easy To Install Works as easily as traditional lumber using basic hand and power tools.
  • Easily Fastened Easily accepts nails, deck screws or below surface fasteners (stainless steel recommended).
  • Light Weight Cellular extrusion process yields low specific gravity making VEKAdeck™ lighter than wood and composite materials.
  • Easy To Clean Impervious to the most common environmental contaminates and cleans with mild soap and water.
  • Environmentally Friendly PVC is a recyclable material and saves our precious forest resources from being depleted. Because VEKAdeck™ is UV and water resistant, chemical treatments are not necessary. Safe for kids to play on.

VEKAdeck™ is a proven alternative to wood and wood fiber/plastic composite decking materials. Our patented PVC formulation results in a board that is lighter than wood or composite materials but highly durable and impact resistant. VEKAdeck™ works/installs just like traditional lumber requiring no special tools or fasteners. Common tools such as nails, screws, power saws, etc. can be used in installation.

Since VEKAdeck™ is made from 100% PVC and color stabilizers, this professional grade deck board will not discolor due to weather conditions. slight, uniform color change may occur and is normal, but VEKAdeck™ will maintain its attractive appearance season after season.

Our reinforced cellular PVC extrusion process gives VEKAdeck™ dimensional stability and impact resistance that outperforms the competition. We are so sure of our our quality process that we warrant VEKAdeck™ for 20 years not to rot chip, peel, blister or corrode.

Engineered to meet or exceed ASTM standards for impact and puncture resistance, VEKAdeck™ provides excellent traction when wet or dry and is thermally reflective to ensure that it is cool under your foot. Super low water absorbtion makes it ideal for high humidity or marine areas and does not leech chemicals into the environment. Maintenance is simply reduced to periodic cleaning with mild household soaps.

Performance characteristics such as beautiful appearance, long life, high durability, low maintenance requirements, high return on investment and an environmentally friendly status make VEKAdeck™ the ideal board for residential and commercial decking applications.


Properties VEKAdeck™ Wood Composite Plastic
Colorfast, will not discolor      
Fire Resistance      
Insect Resistant  
Splinter Free  
Won't split or warp  
Won't shrink or swell  
Moisture Resistant  
Impact Resistant Not All Not All
Slip Resistant (Wet -Dry)   Not All  
EZ Cut, Nailed, Screwed Not All Not All
Light Weight     Hollow
Paint, Stain Adhesion Not Needed Not All Not Needed
Low Heat Build Up   Not All  

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