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Bracket Adapters Decklok Brackets Secondary Handrail  
QS Pro offers a selection of accessories for your railing. View the accessories below:
QS Pro Bracket Mate is a template designed for accurate bracket-to-post placement. By following a few simple instructions, your QS Pro brackets will be installed in less time than the traditional "measure and mark" method.

The directions below are for a typical installation. Click here for further instructions that may fit your specific needs.

There will be times when your railing system may need to be installed at different angles and sometimes even attached to a round or fluted column instead of a flat surface.

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Decklok Decklok is a bracket system that secures deck components to the structure of the deck.
  • Meets IRC requirement of 500lbs of force.
  • Stair Stringers - Ensures secure connection between deck and stairs.
  • Railing - Works with any design or rail post spacing.
  • Ledger Boards - Inexpensive: replaces second beam, columns and footings and eliminates deck pullout.
  • Easy to install.
  • Works in both new construction and retrofit.
  • Avoids personal injuries (and lawsuits) from guard rail failure.
Available in Hot Dip Galvanized or Stainless Steel.

View Decklok Installation Instructions (PDF)
Secondary Handrail QS Pro Secondary Handrail is engineered to meet secondary handrail requirements. It is easy to install and is made from 100% Quality Vinyl. Secondary Handrail never needs painting.
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Won't Rot, Crack, or Yellow
  • Handicap Compliant
  • Colors: White, Almond and Khaki
  • Aluminum Reinforced Straight Handrail
  • 5/32/36/40/90 Degree Radius Choices
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